Hedge Trimming

If you need your hedge trimming, shaping or tidying up then give Kevin Finnimore Quality Tree Care a call. With over three decades of experience in arboriculture, we know exactly what to do to tame your hedgerows while maintaining their health and vitality. All of our efforts will aid towards future growth and keep your hedges and bushes looking full and lush for many years. Not to mention, we also specialise in tall and hard to access trees and hedges. So, call our team to discuss your requirements.

Hedge Cutting

Whether on a private estate or a public space, we offer professional hedge cutting for domestic, agricultural and commercial clients as well as local authorities. We can remove dead wood and cut back any excessive overgrowth. Not to mention, we remove and dispose of the resulting waste for your total convenience. There are also laws that govern hedge cutting, in place to protect wildlife and nesting birds. As a result, by using us for hedge care, you can be confident that your hedges are being maintained mindfully, legally and responsibly.

Hedge Shaping

Hedge shaping not only keeps your outside space looking presentable, but it is also good for your hedge’s health. Pruning hedges, much like tree crown reduction, allows sunlight to penetrate the lower levels, prompting growth and supplying nutrients. Not to mention, you can also improve sunlight exposure for surrounding plants such as flower beds and herbaceous borders.

Maintaining Hedges

Maintaining hedges helps to keep them healthy. This is important as hedges offer many benefits including:

  • Acting as barriers for livestock such as cattle, sheep or horses.
  • Absorbing toxins, protecting water sources and improving ground quality.
  • Lowering the risk of flooding through water absorption.
  • Providing homes and businesses with privacy and protection.
  • Aesthetic enhancement when properly groomed.
  • Offering a habitat for wildlife, such as birds, insects and small mammals.

Routine Hedge Care

We can provide routine hedge care on an ongoing basis. This service is particularly popular for those with large estates or agricultural land when the hedges cover a larger expanse. In order to deliver the best service, we will discuss your needs and tailor our visits to suit, thus keeping costs as low as possible.

Contact Kevin Finnimore Quality Tree Care

For local, affordable hedge cutting in Launceston, Camelford, Okehampton and surrounding locations call Kevin Finnimore Quality Tree Care today.

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