Tree Surgery

Kevin Finnimore Quality Tree Care has over three decades of experience in tree surgery! So, your garden or grounds are in safe hands with our qualified team. We can provide professional, safe and affordable removal and tree felling in Launceston and all the neighbouring areas. Whether you need an entire tree removing or you have large unmanageable branches to cut, we can help. Not to mention, we work with private, commercial, and agricultural customers as well as local authorities for tree services and grounds maintenance. No matter the size or scale of the task at hand you can call on Kevin Finnimore Quality Tree Care for an excellent service every time.

Tree Removal Specialist

Felling trees is dangerous work so enlisting a tree removal specialist ensures your safety. As experienced arborists, we have all the credentials, training and expertise to conduct safe and strategic tree surgery on trees of all shapes, sizes, species and conditions. Not to mention, we can remove and dispose of felled trees, or alternatively, turn the wood into logs or mulch for using elsewhere in your grounds. Call us today to arrange an assessment and get a free quotation.

Tree Felling

We carry out a meticulous risk assessment ahead of every job, accounting for structural safety as well as the safety of passers-by. Tree felling poses a number of risks. Therefore, some of the things we consider include:

  • Proximity to static property, such as buildings, fences or powerlines.
  • The potential impact on other neighbouring trees and plant life.
  • How busy the area is and whether pedestrians are at risk of harm.
  • The fall angle and distance the tree or branches must travel to the ground.
  • The condition of the tree and whether it is structurally sound.
  • How our equipment will be positioned for optimum safe working.

Removing Dangerous Trees

You can call on us if you need assistance removing dangerous trees. Most commonly a result of storms or heavy impacts, a tree may be classed as dangerous if:

  • It is at risk of falling or has hanging branches.
  • A fallen tree is obstructing roads or public accessways.
  • The tree is leaning or roots are pulling from the ground.
  • There is a lot of deadwood and weakened branches.
  • The tree is diseased or pest-ridden.
  • A tree is damaging neighbouring structures.
  • Powerlines or cables are being damaged.

Difficult To Access Trees

We can also tackle difficult to access trees. This includes very tall trees, those in awkward or confined spaces, as well as those in precarious locations. If you have a tree in a place that is posing a challenge then call our team. We have winches, pulley systems, harnesses and plenty of other equipment, all designed to give us safe access to even the most awkwardly positioned tree(s).

Contact Kevin Finnimore Quality Tree Care

For tree removal at an affordable price call Kevin Finnimore Quality Tree Care. We are highly experienced in tree surgery, providing our services in Launceston and across Devon and Cornwall, so get in touch today.

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